Teeth Whitening – A Popular Trend

Tooth whitening lightens teeth and helps remove stains and discoloration. Whitening is among the most popular cosmetic dental procedures because it can greatly improve the look of your teeth.

Most dentists perform tooth whitening. There are two main types of teeth whitening procedures. Vital whitening is performed on teeth that have live nerves. Non-vital whitening is done on a tooth that has undergone root-canal treatment and no longer has a live nerve.

Whitening is not a one-time procedure. It must be repeated from time to time if you want to maintain the brighter color.

  • Helps improve your smile and your appearance
  • Boosts a person’s self esteem
  • Helps make you look younger

Teeth whitening in the clinic

The change in the color of your teeth is achieved as a combined process via more than one clinical procedures, each of which lasts approximately one hour. It is a painless procedure during which whitening gel is spread over teeth and illuminated and activated with a special lamp. Enjoying teeth with a newfound shine may require a number of visits to your dentist. It is all safe and painless.

Teeth whitening at home

The colour change of your teeth continues for approximately two weeks while you are at home and you are relaxing. The whitening is carried out via the application of preformed individual silicone braces and whitening gel to be used at home. At the end of the procedure, your dentists will provide you with instructions for  care and maintenance so that you maintain the achieved effect.

Teeth Whitening strengths

In Dentist Clinic 90%
At home 40%