Pillar procedure - No more snoring!No more snoring!

In 1999 Mark Knudson introduced the Pillar procedure in the optic that snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) are a serious problem. At that time, standard solutions for such cases comprised sophisticated and complex surgical processes with a high mortality rate. Doctor Knudson developed a better solution and patented the Pillar procedure.

The Pillar procedure consists of placing three small polyester implants in the soft palate. Aided by the body’s physical fibrosis formation abilities, these implants strengthen and maintain the structure of the soft palate.

This eliminates the possibility of tissue vibrations and quivering during sleep, as well as the risk of tissue collapse causing sleep apnea.

The Pillar procedure is performed with the first and only implant system acknowledged by the FDA for snoring treatment and medium OSA, thus helping people feel well and live better. Results show proven effectiveness and the discomfort undergone by patients during and after surgery is minimal. It is performed with local anesthesia and the procedure lasts for about 20 minutes.