Periodontology is the branch of dentistry focused on the inflammation or aesthetic problems of the gingivae. Research shows that about 90% of 30-year-olds suffer from various forms of periodontitis, caused by microorganisms inhabiting and developing in plaque and tartar. Risk factors include smoking, stress, genetics, and disease. These inflammatory processes result in gradual loss of bone supporting the teeth and the consequent loosening and falling of the teeth. Periodontological treatment and prophylactics can help prevent this disease and cure it entirely.

Periodontology - Dentisterie du Bergerac

The process

Our initial goal:
We start out by identifying pathogenic microorganisms and by undertaking individual action plan for their removal. At Dentisterie du Bergerac this process is performed via highly specific DNA tests, plaque, tartar and residues removal, in-depth teeth cleaning with ultrasound equipment, as well as periodic follow-up visits.

Measures and rehabilitation procedures

We help prevent tooth loss by preparing cosmetic defect adjustments for patients with periodontitis and we carry out cosmetic corrections of emerging aesthetic problems. We also offer rehabilitation procedures for the prevention of the disease thus sparing the  patient an extraction and bolstering oral hygiene habits. We also schedule and prompt you for your regular follow-up visits.

Client benefits

  • Inflammation termination
  • Cessation of bone loss
  • Successful treatment of the infection
  • Suggestion for possible plastic periodontal surgery
  • Restoration of the lost bone and correction of gum defects
  • Eradication of the defects that resulted from the inflammation