Invisalign transparent braces

Invisalign vs Traditional Braces: Which Is Better?

Today, the most common techniques used by dental professionals in straightening the teeth of patients are mainly Invisalign and braces. You can undergo orthodontic treatment to improve your look, promote the proper function of your teeth, or improve their positioning. Each method of orthodontic treatment has its benefits and drawbacks and sometimes you may be faced with the tough decision of choosing between traditional braces and Invisalign transparent braces. The good thing about treatments that use these two methods is that they do more than just straighten your teeth since they also correct bite issues.

The Basics of Both Braces and Invisalign

The most important thing to note about these two orthodontic treatment methods is that both of them are specially designed to straighten teeth which helps improve your smile and overall oral health. The braces have been around for a long time while Invisalign is a relatively newer method of treatment but its popularity continues to rise. Traditional braces usually consist of metal brackets that are attached to your teeth then tied together by tiny rubber bands and wires. You can either choose brackets that match your enamel color or get those with a different color if you prefer to have it done that way. Invisalign, on the other hand, is designed to remain invisible. Its aligner trays are typically made of smooth plastic and are worn over teeth.

Why Invisalign transparent braces are a Better Orthodontic Treatment Method

Comfort and treatment times are some of the critical factors you should consider while choosing an orthodontic treatment method. Invisalign transparent braces are clear, smooth and comfortable compared to the traditional braces. Below are some reasons why Invisalign is a better option for you.

Invisalign Appears Natural

This is perhaps the most significant advantage of the Invisalign. Unlike traditional braces, the aligners of Invisalign are clear which means you will avoid the embarrassment of wearing aligners since the clear aligners are hard to notice even when you smile. The traditional braces can also make it difficult to smile in the usual manner and will always make you feel uncomfortable when you step out.

It Is More Comfortable to Wear

Unlike the traditional braces that are made of metal, Invisalign is made of plastic which is usually custom-fitted to your teeth. The Invisalign transparent braces are removable, unlike the metal braces. This advancement means that you can easily remove the Invisalign whenever you want to eat or have a drink.

Invisalign Supports Oral Care

Undergoing an orthodontic treatment doesn’t mean that you should forget about your oral hygiene. However, with the traditional braces it’s almost impossible to brush and floss and even eating food becomes a bigger problem. Invisalign, on the other hand, doesn’t restrict you from performing your routine oral care since you can remove the aligner and fit it back.