Implantology – Dental Implants

Dental Implants constitute a contemporary treatment for patients who have lost one or more teeth. They are placed at the exposed root location and they substitute the required support. Dentisterie du Bergerac boasts several years of experience in implant placement. The Implantology Centre at Dentisterie du Bergerac works with specific implant systems. We take care of you throughout the whole implanting process, from implant placement and integration into the bone all the way through healing, and we perform periodic follow-up treatment as required.

Dental Implants - Dr Dimitrovski

The process

Implant placement is the most biological restoration of missing teeth. It spares the adjacent teeth from filing and eliminates the necessity for wearing very unpleasant mobile dentures. Implant placement is routine dental activity performed after preliminary radiological testing, careful planning and care for your comfort. Dentisterie du Bergerac uses for 3D navigation and surgical templates for maximal precision in the placement of dental implants. This is followed by the the creation of space to correctly place the implant which is in turn followed by the actual placement. We strive for precise implant positioning to ensure long term success. Surgeons use local anesthesia during the process and we also offer the option of full anesthesia thanks to the evolved techniques and to the qualified personnel available at our clinic.

Full integration of the dental implants into the bone can take between 2 to 6 months. Once that is done,  we proceed to placing the required prostheses; bridge, crown or denture.

Post-implant care

All dental implants require everyday care. You should keep to a strict oral hygiene regimen with follow-up every 6 months. During follow-up, special attention is paid to the gum around the implant and there is also a radio-logical assessment of the state of the adjacent bone.

Long-term function prerequisites for dental implants

  • Preliminary planning
  • Precise positioning
  • Use of a precision implant system
  • Periodic follow-up after the procedure
  • Implantologist experience and qualifications
  • State-of-art equipment and highest level sterilization

Client benefits

Modern dental implants are made of titanium, biologically tolerant metal with versatile properties. There is no need for filing healthy adjacent teeth

The inconvenience of wearing full or partial dentures is eliminated thus resulting in better stability

Implant longevity
Improved functionality and aesthetics of the client’s dentition
Significant improvement in the quality of life, self-esteem and confidence
Our professionalism and experience makes implant treatment a reliable long-term option
Safety is ensured thanks to the use of leading implantology systems