CEREC (Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramics) is a high-tech product that enhances functionality and helps dentists aesthetically restore significantly damaged teeth. The patient is fitted with a highly aesthetic and biologically tolerant crown in approximately one hour. CEREC is one of Dentisterie du Bergerac’s most successful investments.


The process

The tooth is first prepared and scanned by the dentist with the help of special camera. The highly detailed imaging data is transferred into a computer which uses imaging software to help restore the tooth’s original shape based on calculations and algorithms. This provides the key benefit of sparing the patient the unpleasantness of print-taking, sending them to the dental technical laboratory and waiting for a technician to carry out yet another process. Thanks to CEREC, the required crown matching the exact colour of the patient’s teeth is prepared from ceramic block in approximately ten minutes. The crown is permanently cemented shortly thereafter and the patient leaves the clinic with a finished tooth.

What are the advantages of CEREC?

  • With CEREC you get same-day veneers
  • You are spared the unpleasantness of tooth-print taking
  • There is no laboratory-caused delay
  • CEREC allows the dentist to apply more efficient tissue-preserving treatment
  • Crown, veneers or inlays are permanently cemented in one visit
  • The need of multiple anesthesia uses and excessive teeth filing is eliminated
  • Additional follow-up visits are no longer required
  • The use of ceramic enhances  tooth and gum aesthetics and it is biologically well-tolerated; there is no metal in the mechanism, which can, at times,  result in allergic reactions
  • Restoration looks natural and does not stand out
  • This method has been in use for 25 years over which it has proven accurate, precise and has yielded proven results
  • The technology provides a product that lasts three times longer  than photopolymer fillings
  • It eliminates classical filing in the processing of crowns as the use of CEREC makes for construction that is far more sparing and allows for partial filing; it is used to fill only the damaged part of the tooth, thus making for moderate but maximally effective restoration.