broken tooth

Here’s what to do in case you have broken tooth

It’s never fun to have a broken tooth, is it?

Whether your teeth be cracked, fractured or knocked-out, there’s almost always a way to repair it.

As active beings, we’re always exposed to dental issues due to external traumas. Thus, in case this happens, you must ensure you follow some guidelines in order to improve the long-term prognosis. Also, it’s very important to remind that the sooner you visit your dentist, the better the results will be.

Dental traumas are mainly due to sports accidents. In order of frequency comes broken teeth, dislodged teeth then knocked-out teeth.

Since anyone might run the risk of getting their teeth hurt, we should all follow the following guidelines that will not only reduce pain but also prevent further complications:

Get an urgent appointment with your dentist

Even if the injury doesn’t seem severe, try to get that urgent dentist appointment as soon as possible. This will significantly improve the functional prognosis.

Look out for injured teeth

Before getting to the dentist cabinet, make sure:

  • To rinse your mouth with warm water
  • Stop the bleeding by using a gaze
  • Put an ice pack on your lips or jaws as applying the ice directly on the teeth might accentuate the pain.

Find the knocked-out teeth

In case your teeth is completely knocked-out due to a violent accident, know that the tooth can actually get reattached. That said, you must see the dentist in the hour following the accident and never delay the appointment for more than 24 hours. In order to put all odds on your side so you get your original tooth back, make sure to:

  • Find the knocked-out tooth and protect it
  • Clean it if need be
  • Put it back into its socket if possible. Otherwise make sure it doesn’t get dehydrated. For that matter, you can put it in a glass of milk.

Once at the dentist clinic

Now the type of treatment you’ll get depends on many factors only the dentist is able to evaluate. After a thorough clinical exam, he’ll decide of the most suitable dental care you’re going to get.

Often times, broken teeth are repaired by reattaching the broken piece. When the broken part is very important, the dentist will place a tooth-colored filling.

As of more complicated injuries, root canal treatment might be needed.