It is widely believed that Hollywood artists have their natural teeth removed and replaced by artificial ones in order to get a nice smile. But this is not true! Their pretty smile is due to long term everyday care, resulting in well-arranged, healthy white teeth!

Orthodontics is the way to achieve well arranged teeth for people of all age groups.

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The process

There are many types of orthodontic treatment: mobile devices – braces, with brackets as well as the recent Invisalign system, which is similar to brackets..

Removable devices – braces

We prepare them individually for every child, depending on the deformity. In order to make them more attractive to children children, we make these removable devices out of plastic in various colors and decorate them with various cartoon characters.
Children of five and six years should wear removable braces

Did you know that…

The most current belief is that caries is an infectious disease. If you don’t remove teeth damaged by caries, you risk infecting the healthy ones. It is believed that caries could be transferred with a kiss from one person to another. If you develop caries or have a caries relapse after treatment, look into the possibility of your partner having caries.

Brackets – Braces

Brackets are small plates fixed onto teeth. They have a horizontal slot in which an elastic and a hard bar are placed, playing the main role in teeth straightening. This is a common treatment for several types of orthodontic problems.

There are various types of brackets:

  • Metal brackets: a most popular type, they are extremely strong, made of various alloys and could be gold or silver.
  • Aesthetic brackets: they are barely noticeable because they are transparent and blend in with teeth color. They do not discolor or darken with time. They could be white or entirely transparent, ceramic, sapphire and fiberglass.
  • In semi-aesthetic brackets, the upper part is ceramic and almost unnoticeable and the lower is metal. This makes them appear smaller than other types of metal brackets.
  • Lingual brackets: they are placed onto the internal side of teeth and are entirely invisible to other people. They are usually metal, their aesthetics are very good, but cleaning is difficult.

Patients should know the following regarding treatment with brackets: all solid food is cut into pieces before consumption: apples, carrots, toasts, chocolate; no chewing gum, as well as no nuts (hazelnuts, almonds), sunflower seeds and popcorn.
The brackets create some discomfort which is surmountable. In the very beginning patient will have to get used to the new teeth; if brackets are external they may irritate the lips, and if they are internal they may irritate tongue. In both cases the adaptation is smooth and there are no problems throughout the treatment. After achieving the desired result, the brackets are removed and retainers are prepared and used to maintain the achieved condition, preventing teeth from slipping back into their previous state. These devices can be  ingual plates, silicon braces, and they can also be staples fixed onto the internal side of the teeth and to which the patient easily adapts, and wears them permanently.

What you should know

  • Deformity and anomaly correction are possible for all age groups
  • Corrections are done with movable braces in children’s case, and with brackets and Invisalign in the case of adults
  • Child removable apparatuses – braces, are accepted without fear and refusal
  • Brackets are designed to correct all types of defects. For beautiful and well-arranged teeth, the solution is using brackets suited for every age group; for teenagers, as well as for adults
  • The advantages of Invisalign are that they are not noticeable, they straighten teeth faster, they are comfortable, they allow for easier clean-up and they can be removed when for special appointments or business meetings
  • Thanks to the state-of-art technology, a bright shiny smile is accessible for every age group