Bleachorexia: An Obsession with White Teeth

If the desire to obtain white teeth is driving you crazy, then you may be a bleachorexic. Bleachorexia is a term that is used to describe an addictive obsession to whiten your teeth to a certain point that it’s no longer safe and healthy. Although tooth bleaching is meant to remove stains from your teeth and restore their natural color, the primary aim of bleachorexia is to whiten your teeth beyond the natural color which is unsafe. If bleaching is done in the right way, it can help you to attain your dream for a whiter and brighter smile, but if it’s overdone, then the damage can be severe.

What Is the Effect of Bleachorexia?

If used in small amounts and under the direction of a dentist, whitening agents are harmless to your teeth. However, if you overuse these substances, you risk losing your enamel and killing the useful bacteria in your mouth. Keep in mind that your enamel can’t grow back; once it’s damaged, it’s all over. Here are some of the common side effects of

Hypersensitivity is a common problem among people who are obsessed with teeth whitening. Over bleaching can make your teeth more sensitive and prone to tooth decay. Your teeth become over sensitive to hot or cold substances, and you can no longer enjoy the foods that you used to eat comfortably.

Enamel erosion is another issue that will occur as a result of bleachorexia. If you use the whitening kit for too long or bleach your teeth frequently, then the enamel will start to wear out. Enamel erosion will lead to other problems such as mouth infections which can be more costly to deal with.

Bleachorexics will also experience oral irritation whenever the gums, throat, and palate are exposed to the whitening agents. Some people may even get nauseous when they swallow the solution. Oral irritation is a major concern since it makes you feel uncomfortable for prolonged periods. The chemicals can also cause severe burns.

What is the Right Way to Whiten Your Teeth?

Therefore, what is the best way to whiten your teeth safely and effectively? Typically, visiting your local dentist will help you achieve the best results. The in-office tooth bleaching option is the most recommended way of restoring your teeth color. The dentist will examine your oral needs and recommend the best bleaching agent. The at-home bleaching is another option whereby your dentist will give you a kit to use at home. You will be required to stick to the directions provided by the dentists and visit the office regularly so that he/she can assess the progress.